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12 Must-Have Clothes Every Mom Needs

The Mom-iform. It is the one look that most moms have in their wardrobe. Many mothers tend to choose a top, leggings or jeans, and comfortable shoes in the closet when choosing what to wear that day. This is our preferred look. It makes us look together and can handle the craziness of babies, toddlers, or teenagers.

Although, there is nothing wrong with having a set of reference garments, I have recently been looking to add some new items to my wardrobe to complement this life stage (motherhood), and it will continue for many years. Easy to wear, beautiful and stylish, and suitable for moms to use parts, which means they can be tilted to pick up toys and toddlers. Therefore, if you are looking for a new mother’s clothing or capsule wardrobes explicitly designed for mothers, this is your ideal choice!

1. Striped shirts

Striped shirts are classic. I think everyone should have at least one in their wardrobe. They are one of my favorites. With any style you choose, stripped shirts gives a little extra femininity to your outfit, which I think all mothers can appreciate.

2. Package

Whether breastfeeding, running errands, sitting with your baby in the pediatrician’s waiting room, or having lunch with your girlfriend, a good package is a good staple. It can complete the appearance and provide coverage and warmth anytime, anywhere. . Pair it with a basic T-shirt and leggings or jeans, and you will have the perfect mummy look. A must-have for mothers!

3. Classic eye-catching jewelry

I like exciting jewelry pieces, but mothers must have some simple and beautiful. Classic drop-shaped earrings and exquisite golden short necklaces are stunning and perfectly matched with any look. Authentic mummy-shaped essential pieces.

4. Hats

Sometimes our outfit needs something extra, or when we have a bad hair day, or we want to protect ourselves from the sun, hats are the go-to solution!

5. A daily bag: satchel, tote, market, and crossbody

For all of the various family adventures, a mom needs a bag and sometimes more than one. At least one of them should be a good beach or market bag.

6. Shoulder bags

A crossbody bag perfect for when you only need the essentials or for a date night out. You can quickly put some diapers, travel wipes, wallets, lip balm, and your mobile phone. It is elegant and simple and can be matched with any outfit while freeing up hands for children.

7. Athleisure wear 

This has become one of my favorite looks. You look fashionable, you feel comfortable, and you will get a lot of compliments about sportswear! Mothers like to wear sportswear (because raising a child is a kind of exercise). These items add more style to simple clothing.

8. Shorts

Moms will need to have a great pair of shorts, especially for warmer weather. Perfect for moving around!

9. Denim jackets

The denim jacket is also perfect to match your mummiform. It’s made of rigid non-stretch denim. they have an incredible short cut and long cuff-like sleeves for a tailored look and feel. Perfect match with high-rise pants.

10. Button-down blouse

Every mom needs a classic button-down blouse in their wardrobe. They are great for looking stylish, loose enough for those pregnancy days and easy to remove for easy access breast-feeding.

11. Shoes: sandals and flats

A pair of comfortable sandals are a must, especially in summer. I particularly like saltwater sandals. They look cute for babies, toddlers, teens, and adults! I like that they are so versatile. You can use them with almost anything, and they look great. These sandals are made with 100% genuine leather upper in a range of trendy colors, plus you can wear them in the water!

Flats are a must-have for moms, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that the Demi de Margaux flats are the most comfortable flats I’ve ever worn on my feet. They are made with Italian Nappa leather, have a supportive insole and a plush foam padding that makes them soft and comfortable. I also like that it has a functional loop, and you can adjust the drawstring.

12. Dresses

Every mom needs the perfect dress to wear. Dress pieces mix and match well together with multiple accessories, giving you many different looks. And the best thing is that it covers all the seasons throughout the year. Looking good through motherhood!