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Ten Quick and Easy Makeup Tricks for Busy Moms

Ask any mom and they will tell you: with one, two or more children around, spending time in front of the mirror to pamper yourself is a dream come true. And in these cases, makeup tricks for busy moms come in handy.

Whether you’re heading to the office, hanging out with your kids or going to a friend’s gathering, looking good is essential. Your motherhood can’t get in the way or become an excuse to neglect yourself! Mothers can put on makeup exactly how they want or according to their style; the only concern is how to be quick to have the maximum time for their babies too.

To help moms be quick and efficient in their makeup approach, here are ten easy makeup tricks for busy moms to follow at home.

The Contour Trick

A brown contour cream under the cheekbones, jaw angle and temples can make your bone structure more defined. Don’t miss the chance to blend your contour makeup essentials with your fingers or a flat brush for the best blended look.

Tired and Sleepy Eyes

Moms keep busy schedules and that could make them look exhausted and without their natural radiance. Don’t let the tiredness show up on your face, there are many quick eye makeup tricks for moms that could be a huge savior.

Use concealer on your lids and under the eyes to cover redness and dark circles. Apply some translucent powder to the concealer, followed by mascara, eyeliner or kajal and your eyes will pop!

Mommy style

If you have exciting plans tomorrow, do a thorough hair wash with conditioner the night before. Roll your wet hair into a soft bun and sleep. The next day, your hair will have soft curls all over it. In case you want thick curls, braid your hair while wet. These are the two easy ways to ensure good hair for busy moms.

Hide Dark circles or Blemishes

Dark circles or blemishes are standard on the skin, slide the concealer over your dark circles, blemishes, and over the redness of the skin and use your fingers to blend it. You should also make sure that you are using the correct shade of concealer for your skin tone for the best results.

Get the Glow

To get the glow, busy moms should use blush in their preferred application form: powder, cream, or gel. Note that blush is only applied to the apple of the cheek, sweeping towards the hairline.

Putting on Primer

Start putting makeup on your face with a primer as the base, the primer hydrates the skin and helps keep makeup on for a long time. Spread the primer with a tissue, your fingers or a clean makeup brush!

Love your Lips

Apply your lip products before adding blush to your cheeks because it is easier to tone your blush according to your lips than the other way around. Tip: the finger method for lip colour makes the lipstick look fuzzy, you can use a tissue or a q-tip to redefine your outline afterwards.

Stain Management

It doesn’t matter how much you want to avoid, it the chances are you’ll get distracted and your eye makeup will smudge.

Do not try to wipe off the stained makeup immediately when it happens. Let it sit for a few seconds until fully dry, then use a spooly brush, your fingers or a tissue to wipe it away with minimal mess left over.

How to do your Hair?

Try dry shampoo!  If dry shampoo is not available at home, find some baby powder or talcum powder and apply it to the roots of your hair. Both powders and dry shampoo help remove excess and controls oil on the hair.

To Look Calm

Soak a hand towel or tissue in ice water and place it on your face. Repeat for ten minutes before applying any makeup and your face will look great and feel rejuvenated. This will hide any stress or lack of sleep evident on your face from before.